We are Winteractive. A small video game studio based in Sweden, a tiny country the sun forgets about for 6 months straight each year.

As it's often too cold and dark to go out and work the frozen potato fields, we instead found our passion in game development.



Max friberg

Our lead programmer, lead artist and lead chicken broccoli connoisseur. In fact, he's the lead of most things around here. Or at least the things no one else can or will do.

When he's not busy overworking himself he likes to theorycraft DOTA builds, play card games and, of course, play indie games.



Viktor, our resident sound designer, is the man in charge of all things entering ears. And he's doing his absolute best to ensure it's a pleasurable experience.

When he isn't working with sound, he's listening to it. At least we think it's sound. He claims it's music, or "underground hip hop". We wouldn't know. But he's the expert, so we just take his word for it.


Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik does everything animation. He's the one breathing life into our inanimate art, a digital necromancer of sorts, creating and commanding his very own army of moving skeletons. Spooky!

He's also a big movie buff, with a passion for everything surrounding the medium. His guilty pleasure is watching B-movie horror flicks, which he has a sizeable collection of.